Regulations on safety during work in and operation of electrical installations (FSE) require everyone who works at or near electrical installations to undergo an annual safety training. It is the general manager of the company that is responsible for ensuring that this is observed. The purpose of the course is to help avoid accients.

The training applies to anyone who works with electricity, as installer companies with fitters, assistants and apprentices, industrial companies with electrical personnel or instructed personnel such as caretakers, construction operators, operators, and production personnel. The course affects first aid as an introduction, but a full first aid course must be completed as well.



Responsibility and organization

Distribution of responsibilities in HSE work Employer’s responsibility § 3-2.Særskilte forholdsregler for å ivareta sikkerheten (1) To ensure safety in the workplace, the employer must ensure: a) that the employee is made aware of the hazards and health hazards that may be associated with the work, and that the employee receives the training, exercise and […]

Planning and working methods

Planning § 10. Planning of work Before starting any work task, all necessary information about the electrical installation must be gathered and used as a basis for conducting a risk analysis. The risk analysis must subsequently be used as a basis for the following minimum activities: – choosing the work method – ensuring that all […]

Maintenance and protective equipment

§ 19. Conducting maintenance work In order to understand the general layout of the installation, a single-line diagram is required in all high voltage installations and complex low voltage installations. Updated documentation of the installation must always be available. To prevent the possibility of injury, all maintenance work must be conducted according to fixed work […]

Accidents and first aid

According to Statens arbeidsmiljøinstitutt (STAMI) about 3000 people suffer with electrical accidents every year. Most are proffesionals that are working on electricity at work. Electrical accidents are also called EL-accidents. These are serious, potentially life-threatening, events of significance for cardiovascular system, nervous system, muscle and skeletal system and skin (burns). One can get damages by […]