The Norwegian authorities require that employees who use MEWP`s, must document theoretical and practical training. The employer is responsible for ensuring that the employees have the necessary training. (Regulations on the execution of work Section 10-2 Requirements for documented safety training when using work equipment). This course provides a basic theoretical and practical introduction to safe use of MEWP`s (lifts). The practical part of the course must be taken in your own company.


Laws, rules and training

Work Environment Law § 3-1 is about the company’s requirements for systematic health-, environment- and safetywork (Hereafter named HSE-work). This work is further explained in the internal Control regulations. Applies to all businesses The regulation applies to all businesses that is conveyed by certain laws which produce different HSE-consideration. If a business is either producing, […]

Risk assessment and safety

We have previously seen that the Internal Control Regulations impose that all companies to maintain active HSE-work, and risk assessments is an important part of that work, regardless of what industry the company belongs to. The building industry is, as mentioned, an especially exposed industry which demands more focus on safety. Point 6 imposes the […]

Types, construction and stability

A Mobile Elevating Work Platform (MEWP) is a mechanical unit designed to lift people and give temporary access to inaccessible areas, usually at alititude. MEWPs are used often when doing minor maintaince work where it is not possible to set up a scaffolding or a ladder. There are multiple types of MEWPs, who all have […]

Use, control and environment

The workplace regulations chapter 2 states that «work equipment shall be placed and erected in regards to environment so that excecution of the work, use and maintaince of the equipment is not a danger to health or safety.» This is a basic principle that also applies to the erection and use of a MEWP. In […]